MBT Disposable Mask Filter

Disposable filters can be inserted into any reusable mask to enhance protection. The 3 layers disposable filter increases filtering efficiencies thru our 100% melt blown mid layer, filtering very fine and small sediments from liquids. Breathe in comfort with spunbond non woven fabric which is much softer to the skin.

Non-woven fabric

Effective for filtration, reduce respiratory droplets significantly.

Melt blown

Increase filtering efficiency of bacteria, reduces breathing resistance. Filter very find and very small sendiments from liquids.


Come in ONE size ONLY.

One time disposable filter.

Particles filtration effect 95%.

100% authentic melt blown. 

SS (spunbond + spunbond) Non woven fabric is made of double spinning beam machinery, which is much softer and stronger tension than PP.

Come in a pack of 20 filters.

Filter Size

W15cm x H8cm

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