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The curved sole is comprised of five key components that together promote the gentle rolling motion experienced while wearing MBT® shoes. It is the combination of these specific components which make MBT® shoes truly unique and original. As well as having a functional design, we believe the interplay of MBT® SensorTechnologyTM and Pivot Axis may, for some, make MBT® shoes among the most comfortable shoes on earth.

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With a strong science and innovation foundation, MBT has a unique approach that understands the human benefits of health, wellness and staying on the move. We know our consumers have realistic health and fitness ambitions. They want to maintain a healthy lifestyle which enables them to live and love life to the fullest.

However, for many the pursuit of living a more active lifestyle is difficult. The packed nature of our busy schedules means that healthy activity gets squeezed out by life commitments. MBT wants to break the start-stop cycle of broken health and fitness resolutions by working with the reality of today’s consumer.

When wearing MBT shoes, whether standing or walking, once can’t help but be “ on the move” due to its patented construction. The unique MBT sole imitates walking on soft, uneven surfaces. The technology in the sole has been patented worldwide to provide the greatest comfort possible, as it allows you to enjoy the natural benefits of walking every day. The patented MBT SensorTechnology produces what has been described as a pleasant and natural feeling, reminiscent of walking on a sandy beach. The Pivot Axis promotes a rolling movement, which in turn may help increase lower limb muscle activation in your every step.

So whether you are going for a walk or just standing there, you’ re on the move. And if you just happen to want to look mighty cool in the process, we understand that too. It’s only human.