ASICS EVORIDE Men's Running Shoe in White

You can see the connection between the EVORIDE™ shoe, the METARIDE™ shoe, and GLIDERIDE™ shoe. All of these shoes feature a curved toe spring and a fast look. The EVORIDE™ shoe is a neutral running shoe that is built on the METARIDE™ shoe philosophy, which aims to lessen the overall load with a curved sole design and a stiff forefoot. These elements help increase running efficiency by reducing the movement of the ankle. This technology has been proven to help runners feel fresher longer, creating an excellent ride.This shoe has a FLYTEFOAM® Propel technology midsole, which gives the runner more cushioning for longer runs. It’s a great training partner for workouts that involve sections of tempo training in longer durations. This added foam increases cushioning, while the curvature of the sole keeps the runner rolling forward, especially at faster paces.

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