Champion Heritage Women's Short Sleeve T-shirt in Ice Gray (CW-X331810)

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●Materials: 100% cotton
[Champion-Heritage Maker Size Chart] *Sizes may vary depending on the product.

-Size: [M size] Bust 79-87cm, Height 154-162cm [L size] Bust 86-94cm, Height 154-162cm [Actual size] -M size details: [Length] 55cm [Shoulder width] 45cm [Width]
49cm [Sleeve length] ] 17cm
● L size details: [Length] 58cm [Shoulder width] 46cm [Width] 51cm [Sleeve length] 17cm ●

Made in Indonesia
●Manufacturer's color: (010) White
●Sustainable American cotton produced with consideration for the environment A short-sleeved T-shirt made of soft and comfortable cotton sheeting material that uses 100% USA. Relaxed fit with plenty of body width and shoulder width. In the history of the Champion (champion) brand, it is an item that incorporates the print design that has been used and supported by many colleges and teams. Graphics using college-style fonts that are highly compatible with champions are expressed with soaked prints and rubber prints.

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