MBT MODENA II Men's Slip On Fitness Walking Shoe in Navy


Human movement takes many forms from day to day, and the slip-on Modena breaks the mold for what is possible in fitness walking. Combining the dynamic and responsive performance of a walking shoe with the convenience of a slip-on sneaker, the Modena is one of MBTs most understated yet versatile daily walkers. From the dock to the trailhead to lunch with friends outdoors with a casual, sophisticated canvas upper, let the Modena II lead you to your next adventure.

  • UPPER is made of Durable and Breathable Canvas
  • FOOTBED is mesh for breathability and removable for custom fit
  • OUTSOLE is made of MBT High Abrasion Rubber
  • MBT LEVEL 2 ROCKER features a medium-strong sole curve providing ample cushioning and muscle activation for all day everyday wear.
  • ROCKER BOTTOM SHOE – From the point your heal first hits the ground until your toes leave it, the curved sole of the MBT rocker shoe matches the natural movement of your foot while giving the same stability as a traditional walking shoe. The gentle roll promotes a natural cushioning to your feet and the angle of the PivotAxis, critical to the Pivot Strike location at the midfoot, provides the ideal foot striking platform to transition into propulsion or a forward movement while enhancing support.
  • TECHNOLOGY IN THE SHOE – MBT’s proprietary SensorTechnology in the heel produces a natural cushioning required by a short or long distance walker. The PivotAxis Technology promotes balance and a natural movement that with each stride activates muscles required for good posture. The lasting board and engineered shank are specially developed for the MBT sole construction which provides comfort & support.
  • CREATED WITH STABILITY IN MIND – The stability of the MBT shoe is identical to any high-quality walking shoe and the only roll you feel is from your heal to your toes. There is no side to side roll so run or walk with confidence. The Tri-density Midsole features extensive cushioning that allows for a better ride.

First generation MODENA SLIP ON was a huge success and had been called back to the collection as people are saying it’s a must have in everyone’s wardrobe. Easy to wear, easy to match and is extremely comfortable

  • Level of Rock: DYNAMIC – offers a moderate level of rock due to a medium-strong sole curve and Pivot Axis and medium- high midsole
  • Upper: Canvas
  • Footbed: Mesh
  • MBT sponge outsole

MODENA II – Upsized comfort and rocking density


These insoles help in even distribution of balance. The moment you wear these shoes, you’ll instantly feel comfort


The memory foam is designed to ease the pressure that one feels on the ball of his foot. For that matter, everyone experiences this pressure when walking. The intensity however is felt more when you run


Memory foam shoes insole provide arch support hence absorb the heels shocks. It also improves stability


Elasticized gore side panels for better fit

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More Information
MBT Index Classic - Dynamic
Product Type SNEAKERS
Color Navy
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Shoes Color Blue


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